Jeep Dies in 10 inches of water?

How do you flood a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in just 10 inches of water? A guy takes his 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for a day of fun! The Jeep still had the dealer plates on it when he took to the off-road trails. At first he was living the dream! Conquering obstacles like they were grocery store speed bumps. On a final run, the Jeep plunged into some muddy water that was about 10 inches deep. Its engine died before reaching dry ground. After further investigation it seemed to be caused by hydrolock, or water in the engine, the Jeep...

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Stubborn Jeep Wrangler JK Hood Bolts...

 Thinking about installing a Hi-Lift Jack on your hood? Seems like a pretty easy and painless project. That is, until its time to remove the hood bolts. Removing the hood bolts can be quite a challenge. The bolts have been installed with Loctite and is then painted by the manufactorer. Here is a quick and simple way to remove those stubborn bolts.  *Try at your own risk!, LLC and all of its affiliates take no responsibility for any possible damage that may occur*    

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If You "Think" You have Death Wobble...Think again!

It's difficult to explain "Death Wobble" to drivers who have never experienced it. I often times hear people say "I think I have a little death wobble". If you think you have a little death wobble because you feel a slight shake, then you probably just need your tires balanced. This video demonstrates the aggressive suspension vibrations that occur during Death Wobble. One you experience it, you'll understand why its called Death Wobble. 😳Video Footage Credit: Rare Parts Inc.    

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